Welcome to Leftover News! This website is the love child of Michael Benson (me) and Hillary Clinton's twin sister who works for the deep state with the code name REDACTED.

The past couple of years have been very frustrating for people who do not follow POP, aka "Puppet of Putin", aka President Trump. For my humorous view on many of the outrageous events surrounding the Trump administration, please read my opinion page.

Though my stories are clearly labeled OPINION, there is probably more truth to my stories than Trump's stew of gobbledygook seasoned with gibberish.

Before Trump became a candidate, I only knew Trump by his sleazy reputation. It appears everybody was aware of Trump's deficiencies, and that he was unfit to be President. But pushed by an unholy alliance of terrible circumstances and horrible people, Trump became President. And as President, he is proving everyday that he is unfit to hold this lofty office. As citizens of the USA, we should all be ashamed that this man is our President.

Trump is the manifestation of far-right hatred. Just as we onced mustered the national will to rid ourselves of goons in white sheets, we must now rid ourselves of their reincarnation.


About the 2018-09-27 Ford-Kavanaugh hearing: Do you believe the one who has nothing to gain, or the one who has everything to lose?

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Michael Benson
May 22, 2020

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